Monday, February 24, 2014

NYX Butter Glosses

Getting access to the newest beauty products sure ain't easy, not to say a pain in the butt. That means I'm almost always a little late on the bandwagon with the newest things beauty bloggers and YouTubers buzz about. Nevertheless, I try to get my hands on them as fast as I can when possible. The makeup hoarder in me just has to have them all. Now puh-lease.. Thanks to online shopping I finally managed to get my hands on the NYX Lip Butters. I know very late to the party. After hearing MeghanRosette, Meghan Rienks, rave about them on YouTube I just had to own some of them. And if you are not watching her video's, what are you doing with your life? I love her videos! 
Top to bottom: Peaches and Cream - Apple Strudel - Éclair (The sunlight kinda washes them out)
I went with a pink, a coral and a more nude shade. And I have to say I love every single one I got. On the picture you can see Peaches and cream, Apple Strudel and Éclair. Here's a picture without the direct sunshine so you can have a better look at the shades.

These glosses aren't sticky at all and feel really smooth on my lips. Also they smell amazing! I love the sweet, vanillary scent MAC lipsticks have, and these smell similar. I might even want to eat them.. Next I have some swatches:
Left to right: Éclair - Apple Strudel - Peaches and Cream
These will be great during summer as I don't usually wear lip glosses because I prefer to play up my eyes for my everyday makeup. For summer I get more into lips so these are coming everywhere with me then. And I'm definitely going to try and get more shades when I go to New York in April.

Have you tried the NYX Butter Glosses? Which other lipglosses can you recommend?

I got mine from Cherry Culture and they were $5 each. 

Lots of love.

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