Friday, February 7, 2014

NOTD: Bikini so teeny

It's no secret I love me some nail polish.. Any time I spot some new nail polishes in the store you better believe some of them are coming home with me.. My wallet doesn't always agree with me though. Yes, I always win if we disagree! Damn right! That being said, I have a lot of colors to choose from. I love sharing all the prettiness that are polishes. So here's another 'Nail of the day' for you guys :) Today I went for one of my favorite Essie polishes: 'Bikini So Teeny'
Essie Bikini So Teeny
Who doesn't love a gorgeous baby blue nail polish?! This Essie polish even had a little sparkle, which sadly doesn't transfer on camera though for no reason.. Luckily that doesn't take away from this amazing nail polish though!

What is your favorite nail polish? Or should I ask what are you're favorite nail polishES? We all know you love more than one.. No judgement here.

Lots of love.

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