Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bourjois Healty Balance: Unifying Powder

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Hi everyone,
Lately, I've been trying out this new powder just to unify my skintone. I don't use foundation that much because i do feel pretty confident about my skin eventhough I do get breakouts as well. But since I have a lot of freckles it just looks really unnatural whenever i try to use foundation. I will use a MAC Studio Fix powder in the shade NW25 which works for the most part of the year. But lately I've really gotten a lot paler and the Studio Fix powder is just a little to dark.

So I was on the market for a new face powder and saw that Bourjois came out with a small line called healthy balance. It contains a foundation, the powder and a concealer.
I decided to try the Bourjois Healthy Balance unifying powder :) and I have to say it's amazing! I've been wearing it every single day and it just makes my skin look so much more radiant and glowy. I wear the shade 53 Light Beige (beige clair).

The powder also uses Asian fruit therapy. Sharon fruit for hydrating and Yuzu fruit for anti-shine. It doens't clog your pores either and is supposed to give you a matte finish and boosted radiance that lasts up to 10hours. I've fallen in love :)

Would you try it?