Sunday, November 20, 2011

Urban Decay: 15th Anniversary Palette!

Hi everyone,

Finally I got my hands on the 15th Anniversary Palette from Urban decay! Yay :)
I had been wanting this palette for quite a while now, I even considered ordering it online but it was always sold out.. I wonder why?! A week ago I went to Breda, in The Netherlands and found this gorgeous palette in sephora! You can only guess how excited I was :)

Since there are no sephora stores in Belgium yet, please, pretty please bring them to Belgium?, I had to go look for it abroad.

This palette contains 15 new!, never seen before eye shadows, (since i'm one of the last people to own this palette you'll probably have seen them already though :) )
They are all very pigmented and of great quality :)

Here's the palette from up close and swatches of all the eye shadows:

Midnight Rodeo - Midnight 15 - Vanilla - Flow - Chase

Tainted - Junkshow - Omen - Evidence - Deep End

Deeper - M.I.A - Ace - Blackout - Half Truth
The lid also contains a huge miror, which is nice but i'll probably never use it.
Blackout is the only matte eye shadow in this palette, and it wouldn't have hurt if it was a little more pigmented but it's alright. All the rest of the eye shadows are shimmery :)

Hope this was helpful :)



  1. woah love the blues and pinks!

    btw if u have time:

    (yeah im new to bloggin :( )

  2. Omen & Deep End vind ik de mooiste kleuren. Perfect voor een zwoele zomeravond ! x