Saturday, March 15, 2014

Diptyque: Eau Duelle

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Diptyque has been on my radar for a few months now. Many beauty bloggers and Youtube beauty gurus have been raving about their candles - they don't come cheap though - and their perfumes. Recently they've also come out with a skincare line if I'm not mistaken. When it comes to perfume I'm a big fan of warm scents, especially when vanilla is involved. A couple of weeks ago I heard Fleur - Fleurdeforce on youtube - talk about the Eau Duelle perfume. The said it was a really warm, spicy scent with notes of vanilla. Of course being the sucker that I am I had to smell the perfume as soon as possible. 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Paris Skincare Haul: City Pharma

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Whenever you're in Paris, a visit to one of the many French pharmacies is a must. Even for a girl living in Belgium, right next door to France, the product are a lot cheaper in France than the are here. So of course a visit to a pharmacy was necessary. When in Paris, I recommend going to the City Pharma in Rue du Four 26. This is one of the biggest pharmacies and probably the cheapest as well. This pharmacy is known for their cheap prices by the locals as well as beauty lovers from all around the world. With that being said, you'll have to keep in mind that this pharmacy is crowded pretty much all week long, yes even on week days. It makes it harder to walk through the aisles but the prices make it worth it for me. Because of the large amount of people going in and out of this store some of the things I wanted to get were out of stock. Nevertheless I brought some of my favorite product home with me and some new as well. Here we go.

Monday, March 10, 2014

February Favorites

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I love watching my favorite beauty gurus on YouTube. Watching their video's is so addicting. One of my favorite video's to watch over there are 'Favorites of the month ... ' type of video's. These are video's in which they share the products they have been loving during the month that has just gone by. These types of post also made their way into the blogosphere and I though it was time I hopped on the bandwagon.
Without further ado, here are my 'February Favorites'.