Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Balm: Shady Lady


Hi everyone,
Recently I've discovered a new brand in the Belgian 'drugtores'. Much to my surprise The Balm found it's way to Belgium. American brand that provides paraben and cruelty free products worldwide. I rushed my butt over to the store as soon as I could but kinda forgot to blog about them. I had my eye on that blush for a long time now. A lot of beauty guru's on youtube rave about the Fratboy blush. So there was no doubt about it that that baby would find a new home when I saw it lying on the shelf. Review of that will follow soon.
The other thing I had my eye on was the Nude Tude eyeshadow palette. But when seeing it in the store it looked to much like all the other eyeshadows I already own, so I couldn't justifie buying that. But the makeup hoarder collector in me couldn't walk out with only that blush though.. So the Shady Lady happened.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Nail of the day: A cut above

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Hi everyone,
Here's a quick nail of the day for you all :)
I've been loving me some sparkle lately and I thought I should share that, cause frankly who doesn't like sparkle?! 

I'm wearing OPI's 'My Pimped Out Wonderland' (from the Astrid Bryan collection for OPI) and my newest Essie polish 'A cut above' (limited edition).  

Lots of love.