Saturday, April 19, 2014

NYC made me do it: Beauty Haul: PART ONE

Starting off the week that will be filled with hauling stuff, we should begin with mascara. Not one. Not two. But six. Now I don't use six different mascaras every time I do my make-up, so why do I need six? Well I didn't actually need six new mascaras - especially when I still have two untouched ones laying around at home, but that's my dirty little secret - but I just couldn't bring myself to leave them.. You see they have a lot more mascaras to choose from in the US are a hell of a lot cheaper than in Belgium as well.. There, totally justified them all right? Me thinks so too. 
Maybelline 'The Falsies: Black Drama' (Waterproof)
This is one of my all time favorite mascara's. It lengthens and gives volume like no other. Go get you some if you haven't tried this one before. Hurry! 
($7.49 in the US, €13,99 here - so more than half the price!)

Maybelline 'the ROCKET' (Waterproof)
As I'm typing this post, I now realize I bought the brownish black.. Oepss.. I wonder how excited I must have been buying all those mascara's that I didn't seem to notice I bought the wrong shade.. Oh well, I'm sure the mascara will still do it's job! This one is more volumizing than lengthening but it never disappoints. Also one of my favorites!
($8.99 in the US, €14,99 here - still less than half the price)

Maybelline 'Plumped UP Colossal' (Waterproof)
Hmm I'm starting to see a trend here - Maybelline mascara's for the win? This is a new one I haven't seen anywhere before. The beauty addict in me just needed to try this. It's supposed to have a pumped up brush that will give up to 12x more volume? I say bring it on!
(Price has gone missing)

L'Oréal 'Voluminous Original'
This is a mascara that has been around for a long time now. Though a lot of people have been raving about this for years, somehow I never felt the need to try it. Maybe because it's on the more expensive side in Belgium? Yup that's it. In the US however it's a lot cheaper. Yes, as you can see in the picture, I picked up two.. No they are not two black mascara's - do you really think I'm that crazy? Don't answer. For spring and summer L'Oréal have brought out some fun limited editions colors and I managed to find one. So I have one in 'Blackest Black' and one in 'Turquoise Crush'. 

Covergirl 'Clump Crusher Extensions'
I've tried the regular clump crusher mascara and think I liked it - I don't really remember - so I thought I would give this new one a try as well. The Clump Crusher brush combined with the buildable fiber-stretch formula is supposed to give 200% more volume without any clumps. Sounds promising.. I'll keep you updated.
($9.99 in the US, Not yet sold in Belgium?)

Stay tuned for the next part in this humongous haul: Drugstore beauty products.

Lots of love.

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