Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Upcoming MAC Collection: MAC Me Over!

Hi everyone,
Eventhough I already blogged about an other collection that will be coming out, there is one that is coming out earlier.. Shame on me!
MAC Me Over, the collection that we'll be seeing in the stores soon is one of the largest collections I've ever seen since I bought my first MAC product.
To make it easy for us to choose what we'll be getting this collection will contain 51 products.. Easy, no? NOT!

Take a look at the collection and you'll realise that you'll want it all.. My wallet already knows what to expect, haha..

There will be something for everyone, from more neutral looks to more daring ones.
Have a look for yourself :)

This collection will launch in North America August 25, 2011. Internationally it will be launched during the month of September.
The exact launch date for Belgium is September 3, 2011.

I know I'll be at the store when this collection launches! All of these products look amazing, don't you think?

Photos are from here

Are you as excited for this collection as I am? Which of these products are calling you?


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