Sunday, August 21, 2011

Holiday Haul: Venice!

Ciao again! :)
I'm still in Italy on my holiday and last Friday my family and I went to Venice together.
Venice is such a beautiful city and must definetly be added on to your Places-to-visit List! Must See! And of course besides the beautiful architecture, the canals and the gondolas, there's also some shopping to be done. Most of the stores are really expensive, but still there's something for everyone.

Walking to the small, gorgeous streets we came across a make up store, KIKO.
This is an Italian make up brand, and the store had really a lot to see :)
These are the things I got:

Since my lips are very sensitive and it is very hot here in Italy, I needed something with spf to protect them. As soon as I walked in I found what I needed.
I also picked up three eye shadows :) each of them costed only €3.00, as they were on sale. They were all labeled with numbers, and these ar the ones I got in order of apearence 129, 15, 157.

 Here are some swatches for you guys:

I know the lightest color (the first one) is hard to see on my arm, but it's there. This is the best I could do, on the eye lid it looks a lot better though, I've tried it on :)

The quality is nice and I really like the colors I picked out!
You'll hear from me soon!!


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