Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Holy Grail Lipstick!!: YSL Rouge Volupté

Hi everyone,
Last week I went shopping in Oostende cause I wanted to pick up some new things.
I also wanted to take a look at everything on sale and was hoping to find some good deals :) 
Unfortunately, no great deals were found..
Except... my new absolute favorite lipstick!!

I had been eyeing this lipstick for months now but it costs €30,50, which is quite expensive..
We came across a Planet Parfum and I heared that they also sold OPI nail polishes, so I went in to take a look.

Curious to see what the price of the YSL lipsticks was in this store in walked to the make up part of the store and saw that they had the color I wanted. I figured that I might as well get the lipstick in this store as I was already buying a nail polish.
When I got to the cash register I learned that you get a 20% discount all year round on every make up and perfume item you buy at Planet Parfum. Hooray!

How come I did not know this earlier I wonder? 

So I bought the YSL Rouge Volupté number 2 which is called Blond Sensuel (Sensual Silk)
This seriously is my new holy grail lipstick!
I absolutely loooove the packaging, take a look for yourself: 
It's a very nude, slightly pinkish color and it feels really creamy and silky on my lips. It's perfect for everyday use! :) 
So, if your looking for a new nude lipstick and haven't found one yet you really like? Go check these out.
In my opinion they're definetly  worth the splurge! :)

Have you already tried the YSL Rouge Volupté lipsticks? Whould you like to have one of these?


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