Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Upcoming M.A.C Collection: Colourization

Hi everyone,

Today's blog post is going to be all about the next upcoming collection from MAC. 
This collection is already available in the U.S., but since I live in Belgium I'm not able to get my hands on the collection yet. The exact release date isn't available either so I won't be able to tell you when exactly you should rush to the stores.. Bummer..

Nevertheless I can give you a little sneak peek on what the collection will actually look like :) Yhaaay!

" COURIZATIONS Double Feature Shadow Compacts in eight daring pairings that combine shades in sophisticatedly unexpacted ways, while Technakohl Liner ads drama. Plus: two set ready Brushes."

Colourization will contain 8 double eye shadow palettes, 6 Technakohl liners, a zoom lash mascara and 2 brushes.
These are the eye shadow palettes:
Double Feature 1: Bright yellow gold (Veluxe Pearl) + Pink-up chrome purple (Frost)
Double Feature 2: Bright lime (Veluxe Pearl) + Frosty deep grey (Frost)
Double Feature 3: Midtone Teal (Matte) + Deep chocolate (Satin)
Double Feature 4: Deep forest green (Veluxe pearl) + Midtone ochre brown (Satin)
Double Feature 5: Pale frosty peach (Frost) + Dark brown with green pearl (frost)
Double Feature 6: Light grey taupe (Frost) + Midtone bronze (Veluxe Pear)
Double Feature 7: Bright fuschia (Frost) + Cool black (Frost)
Double Feature 8:Midtone orange (Frost) + Deep navy (Satin)

The palettes cost $25.00 each, but I don't know what the European prices will be yet.

The combinations look dead gorgeous in my opinion. some are more daring then others, which means there's something for everyone :) One thing though that I don't like about this collection is that the eye shadows don't have actual names.. Say what? Nope.. They don't, so no cool names like all the other eye shadows have. Well, most of them have :)
Other then that this collection seems to be pretty amazing and also very handy for people who travel a lot because of the size of the compact.

The Technakohl liners come in green, blue, purple, khaki, brown and black shades. And the two brushes will be a medium angled shading brush (275) and a tapered blending brush (222).
The Technakohl liners cost $15.00 each , again European prices not yet available.. The brushes are sold for $24.50 (275) and $30.00 (222).

I'll be rushing to the store when this collection comes out. Will you ?


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