Thursday, December 12, 2013

Maybelinne Color Show: Brocades

Glitter nail polishes are beautiful all year round. But when Christmas is around the corner glitter nail polish can take your outfit to another level. Recently Maybelline has come out with a some new nail polishes in the Color Show range: Brocades

The Brocades are nail polishes with different size glitters in them. There are four shades, and they're all limited edition. A blue, a white, a rose gold and a pink glitter. I only picked up three, cause I already have some blue glitter nail polishes and didn't need another one. The three I did pick up look amazing though! I have Rosy RosettesFoil Flash and Knitted Gold. The one I don't have is called Beaming Blue. Because of the weather I haven't been able to take great pictures of what the nail polishes look like on, but swatches will follow soon! Pinky promise!

I do have one issue with these polishes though. As amazingly beautiful the polishes look, the staying power really sucks isn't great.. When I was trying these out the nail polish already chipped the day I applied it. Call me crazy, but I would prefer it when nail polishes last a little longer.

Luckily the nail polishes really aren't expensive cause they are really pretty though. Maybe for Christmas eve? But they won't last you very much longer.

Which glitter nail polish is your favorite?

Lots of love.

You can find these polishes at the drugstore. Price in Belgium: €3,99

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