Friday, April 25, 2014

NYC made me do it: Beauty Haul: PART THREE

Last but not least, all the way from New York, the final bit of beauty things I picked up when I was there. The first store we went to when we arrived had to be Sephora. There was no other way. I couldn't decide which make-up products I wanted right then and there so I started off with skincare. Cause I knew which products I wanted to try as far as skincare goes. The make up came along later.

First Aid Beauty 'Daily Face Cream' and 'Deep Cleanser with red clay'
This skincare brand had come up on my radar several times before and this time I couldn't resist trying some products. I was in need of a new moisturizer cause my skincare routine has been lacking one for quite some time now, so I picked up the 'Daily Face Cream'. It's lightweight and oil-free, perfect for my oily/combo skin. I'm also almost out of my current cleanser (from Kiehls) so I decided to try the FAB one with Red Clay. It's a foaming gel cleanser and the red clay is supposed to me really good for removing excess oil, uncloging pores and purifying the skin. So far I really like both.

Origins 'Clear Improvements Mask'
My skin has been acting up a little lately so I thought i would try a mask to really help clear it up. This mask has been helping a lot! It has charcoal in it which really helps unclog pores and really purifies. Love.

Hourglass 'Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation' and 'Veil Mineral Primer'
I was looking for a new foundation when I walked in Sephora and I was actually thinking of getting the NARS Sheer Matte foundation as my skin in really oily and I don't like it being shiny. But when I was looking for some other Hourglass products I stumbled on the Immaculate foundation and was really intrigued. I had someone match me to both foundations and ended up going for the Hourglass one. It does more than just mattify the skin. It is supposed to reduce the oil production of your skin as well, so it has a lot more benefits. The guy helping me also applied the the 'Veil Mineral Primer' on my skin as well and told be that it is Sephora's best selling primer so he kind of convinced me to try that one as well. It is so smooth and makes my skin look better instantly. It also makes sure your foundation will last all day long. I have been using both every single day since I bought then and I am in love. They both apply so easily and look amazing on the skin.

Hourglass 'Ambient Lighting Blush'
I love me some blush so when I found out Hourglass was bringing out blushes that go along with the 'Ambient Lighting Powders' I was all over that. I went on a proper hunt for these. In New York they were sold out in all Sephora stores everywhere. I was so annoyed! I dragged my best friend around stores until we found them, and I did. I managed to get my hands on them in Bergdorf Goodman. Man, am I glad I found these! These might be my new all time favorite blushes and I've only been using these for about two weeks. I got 'Mood Exposure', a soft plum, and 'Dim Infusion', which is a gorgeous coral. These are the perfect shade for my skin. I'm absolutely in love. I have close up pictures of both blushes:
Mood exposure
Dim Infusioin

Buxom 'Full-on Lip Polish'

I had lot of points saved up to get some of the Sephora Product Rewards. At the time there were around 5 products I could choose from that were worth 100 points. They were all really tiny so at first I decided I was gonna save up my points to get a bigger reward (500 points) later on. After hearing some good things about the Buxom Lip polishes I decided to give that one a try. I got the shade Sophia. These lip products are supposed to be shimmering and plumping but I have yet to try it so I'll keep you updated on that.

I also got my birthday gift when I got to pay which are a mini mascara and lipstick from Make Up For Ever.

Keep your eyes open for the next post which will be my London and Brighton finds.

Lots of love.

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