Friday, April 18, 2014

MIA: Update time

Hi there. It's me.. Yes I'm still alive! You might wonder where I've been all this time, and I'll tell you. I turned 21 at the end of March, March 25 to be exact, and took some time to celebrate and travel. April 7, my journey began and it took me, and my best friend all the way to my beloved New York City. Perfect city to start off with if you ask me! LA, you're next on my list - I'm coming for you, be warned! Insert awkward New York selfie here: 
New York City - Times Square
I also got was lucky enough to be in New York when IMATS was in town, so of course - being the beauty addict that I am - we had to make a little stop there as well. IMATS was really REALLY busy - read 2 hours wait for the Simga stand Whut?! - and as I had already spent almost all of my money I didn't buy an awful lot there. Still enough for a separate post though, trust me ;). When I got home I had to repack and left for the UK this time. Next stop Brighton - sadly I didn't get to meet Zoe Sugg (Zoella on YouTube) - and a one day trip to London while I was there, another city that stole my heart. Needles to say, I did a lot of damage in all the different stores that crossed my path.. So a HUMONGOUS haul is coming your way - in multiple parts.. Here's a teaser from the New York haul:
The damage is done..
I'll start with the least exciting part and work my way up from there :) The least exciting - still exciting for some - are all the mascara's I got.. My best friend thought I was crazy after she realized I had managed to buy six mascara. Should I be ashamed? Maybe, but I'm not! You'll find out tomorrow which ones I got. During the rest of the week, the rest off the stuff will follow. 
Stay tuned!

Lots of love.

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