Thursday, January 30, 2014

NOTD: Glitter Gradient

Instagram: Eausobeauty
I love me some nail polish. The options are endless. Neutrals, brights, reds, neons, glitters, ... . Nail polishes come in all forms and shapes these days. A few weeks ago I came across the Essie Luxeffects. Described on Essie's website as over-the-top glitter nail polish coats. Thinking they were limited edition I snatched A Cut Above immediately. To my delight, I found out afterwards that they are permanent. Whoop. At the time, my best friend was with me and couldn't resist either. A few days ago I saw her nails and fell in love! She used a pale pink as a base and used the glitter on the tips to make a gradient effect. Swoon

So obviously, I copied her.. I used OPI's Privacy Please as my base and uses Essie's A Cut Above to start a gradient effect starting from the tips. I absolutely love how my nails turned out. To me they looked like the were professionally done. 
OPI Privacy Please - Essie A Cut Above (Natural light)
Do you do your own mani's or do you prefer getting them done?  What are your favorite nail polishes?

Lots of love.

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