Monday, December 5, 2011

SIGMA: Bunny Collection!

Hi everyone,
Since I love my Sigma brushes that much, I would like to share with you a new collection Sigma has come up with. Their first line of vegan beauty tools!

Mr. Bunny Essential Kit

Mrs. Bunny Essential Kit

Mrs. Bunny Travel Kit

Mr. Bunny Travel Kit
This new collection consists of a Travel kit and an Essential kit. There's both a Mrs. Bunny  (baby blue and pink) and a Mr. Bunny (black) kit. Personaly, I think I prefer the black colored brushes :)

The travel kit comes with 7 all synthetic brushes. The Bunny Collection utilizes Sigmax HD fibers, which guarantees perfect placement without product absorption into the bristles. The brushes that come with this kit are 7 essential brushes, so all you need for a flawless look! Yay!

You get a large powder brush, a foundation brush, a large angled contour brush, a pencil brush, an eye shading brush, a small angled brush and a tapered blending brush. What more do we need? :D

The essential brush kit comes with 12 brushes from their best-selling Essential Kit. In addition to the 7 brushes you get in the travel kit you also get a concealer brush, a medium angled shading brush, a large shader, and eye liner brush, and a duo fibre brush. This is the kit that I would get if I could.

Along with the brushes comes the cup, which you can use as a cute brush holders. Comes in handy, right? :)

The Bunny Travel kit costs about $59.00 and the Bunny Essential Kit is yours for $109.00

What do you think of the collection?


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  1. Die blauwe zien er mooi uit, ik heb echt nood aan nieuwe borstels!
    Ik vind je lay-out trouwens super :)