Monday, April 9, 2012

Philosophy: Purity Cleanser

Hi everyone,
Since march Philosophy is available in Belgium, yay!, it was supposed to be here in february but because of some distribution problems we had to wait until march :)
However :) Philosophy was already available in the Netherlands and so I got my Purity cleanser a little earlier. I've been trying this out the past few months to see if it is any good, and i'm in love :)

Purity is a really soft cleanser that suits all skin types. After using it my skin feels so soft and clean. It's supposed to be a toner as well and I do feel the tightning effect a little bit. This cleanser has made a really big difference in my skincare routine and my skin has never felt so clean and clear in a while.
I would definetly recommend this product if philosophy is available where you live :)

Have you tried purity? And if you guys have any other products I should try, leave them in the comments :)


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