Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Nail of the day: Meet Me At Coral Island

I'm in love with bright colors right now! Me needs summer! Fast!
Today the sun came out to show here pretty face again so I decided to paint my nails in a bright pinky coral :)

I feel like it's summer already. Well, spring at least .. Or almost.. Who's keeping track? :) Don't you just love this color? Yeah well.. Me too! :) I'm wearing Meet Me At Coral Island from Catrice.

Would you wear it?



  1. I love this colour :) It's lovely and bright for summer x

  2. Mooi zomerkleurtje ! Je hebt ook mooie nagels vind ik !

  3. woooow.... i love that colour!! perfect for spring/ summer i guess!
    oh, hello from germany by the way, liking your blog (discovered u via amrixe). su x